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Mall Of İstanbul



Mall of Istanbul, recognized as the "Best of the Best" by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), is Turkey's largest shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle center. Having opened on 23 May 2014, Mall of Istanbul is also part of Turkey's largest mixed-use project, encompassing residences, offices, and the Hilton Mall of Istanbul hotel.

Mall of Istanbul has made significant contributions and innovations to the retail sector, national tourism, culture and arts life through its diverse functions. It has been implemented with a sustainability approach and has earned the Leed Gold Certification. In the competition that evaluates "sustainability" based on the vision, innovation, value, and achievement (VIVA) criteria of the best shopping malls, which is considered the industry's most prestigious award worldwide, Mall of Istanbul was selected as the "Best of the Best," bringing great pride to our country.

Mall of Istanbul offers a combination of shopping, culture, arts, and entertainment under one roof, with 30% of its leasable area dedicated to entertainment, dining, art, and cultural units. The largest cinema complex in Turkey, Cinetech, features 16 theaters with a seating capacity of 3,050, showcasing both blockbuster films and festival movies.

MOİ Sahne, with a capacity of 700 seats and a stage area of 450 m², is one of Istanbul's most prominent performance venues. MOİPARK, Europe's largest themed indoor amusement park, offers entertainment areas catering to different age groups.

With its 365 stores, Mall of Istanbul hosts thousands of domestic and international brands, offering hundreds of options that cater to various culinary preferences with its restaurants and cafes serving Turkish and international cuisine.

The Mall of Istanbul, which hosts millions of local and foreign visitors every year, is located in the Old Baazar, where traditional and handmade products reflecting Turkish culture are displayed.

A history filled with awards

Even during its development stage, Mall of Istanbul has received numerous national and international awards. It was selected as the "Best Mixed-Use Project" and the "Best Shopping Center Development Project" at the 2011 European Property Awards. Mall of Istanbul won the "Outstanding Achievement in Future Projects" award at the 2011 Global RLI Awards organized by Retail&Leisure, a leading retail and entertainment industry magazine. It was crowned as the "Best Shopping Mall" at the 2015 Sign of the City Awards, which determine the best in the real estate sector.

Selected as "Europe's Best" by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in 2016, Mall of Istanbul has been officially recognized as the "Best of the Best" in the competition that evaluates its sustainability based on the vision, innovation, value, and achievement (VIVA) criteria, considered the industry's most prestigious award.